If you see in  your dream that you have a baby this means that a pleasant time starts for you and your family. If you’re a young girl and see this dream, it means that you will get  married. If you see that you are holding a baby and you are a man that means that you will have distress and suffering and many obstacles in your work. If you see that you kill a baby, it means that you will be in a difficult situation and you will be forced to do acts and projects that will  will make you feel bad. The same applies if you are a woman and see that you killed a baby.

If you see that you are throwing a baby either you are female or male, it means  that you got rid of worries completely. If you dream of a newborn baby, it means you will have happy days. For a young woman who will see that she has a baby it means that she will be accused of immoral past. If you see a baby swimming it means that you will succeed in escaping from a trap.