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Blood – Bleeding

The blood symbolizes the vitality, but relates also to the fear and anger. The great loss of blood indicates a loss of power. If you dream,that you are bleeding, wait bad behavior from a friend. If the blood is black and dirty, wait for disasters and sorrows. Clothes stained with blood in the dream, indicates that enemies seek to deprive a successful career lies before you. Whoever dreamed of blood should be careful of strange friendships. If you see blood running from the wound, you should expect physical pain and heartache. Also, companies will have problems due to bad  negotiations and agreements. Blood in your hands, immediate bad luck. If you see red blood it means something fast, or news, or good. If the blood is running red and your health is fine, it means you have great success and you will have quick good news. If you see that the blood is very red and comes from others, you will have many important successes. Which will become more important as more is blood. If blood is running on you you will get great pleasure, wealth, and happiness and fulfillment of your sentimental desires.

But if your health is good and see the blood, then your health will deteriorate. If you see black blood or dirty or spitting it it means illness. If you look to urinate blood, it means you are exempted from something undesirable. If you find that you lose blood you will meet your emotional desires. If you see blood coming out of your mouth, wait long illness. If you see that you are giving blood to someone else,  wait a short happiness. If the blood you see comes from an animal that is being slaughtere it is smearing you  you will quickly become well if you are sick but if you are healthy you will become very strong. When you are a girl and see bleeding due to catamenia wait for marriage quickly if you are married wait for great joy. Finally, some believe that if you see blood in your sleep, the dream disappears.

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