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Coach – Wagon – Carriage

If you see a luxuious coach to be pulled by   white horses, the dream is very good and it means marriage, healing and success. If you are young and you see a coach you, will soon be married and get a large dowry and if you are married, you’ll win a large sum. If the coach leaves and you’re not in, you will feel great bitterness and frustration.If the horses are black you should be careful for sudden illness. A wagon being pulledby horses or oxen, it is a bad sign if there is a friend or a relative on it with his stuff, like moving. If you see in your dream a carriage, it means that you will experience satisfaction, and that you will visit someone. If you see that you are traveling by coach, you will be ill but that soon you will recover and enjoy health and vantage points. If you dream that you are looking for a coach, you will need to work hard, but eventually you will get a good reward. If you dream that you are running while you are on a coach it means loss and a decline in business. If you see that you are handling the ribbons it means moving or changes in your business. To see that you are handling the ribbons in a descent is portent of discomfort and damage. If you see a coach going up to the hill, it means that your cases will be improved. A crowded coach is foreboding you will be optimistic despite all the difficulties. If you see that you are holding the ribbons in muddy waters, it is a bad omen, which means that it will drive you to unwanted situations. A covered wagon means mysterious complication, which will delay your progress. For a young woman to dream of that she is holding the ribbons in hazardous places it means that she will  result in a badly muddled situations that will cause terror. If you see that she is crossing a clean creek on a carriage she will soon enjoy success. A broken wagon means frustration and failure. if you are riding a horse drawn carriage, you will find obstacles and great difficulties. if you dream that you are staying in one place and looking for a it mean that you are still looking for your success. But it needs much more hard work to get there. If you see that you are traveling with a coach and you fell from it, it means that you expect bitterness and sorrows. but if the coach you will see is filled with decorations and flowers that give it a glory you should wait great happiness. If you are traveling with a coach and they bump into another or something else, then expect great sorrow and loss.

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