If you see a fan in your dream you will have good news and surprises in the near future. A young woman who dreamed that she was having air or she was having air had with a fan, they are precursors of making new and wonderful friends.

If a young woman dreamed of losing an old fan, this means that a good friend will lose his interest in her and he will be interested in another woman.

If you just see a fan in your sleep it means that you will do something good.

If you find that you are buying a fan it means you’ll get good news. The same applies if you are giving a fan. But if you are holding a fan in your hands that shows that you are reluctant to take some decisions both at work and in love.

If you are having air with a fan because you are very hot, that means you will work in many unpleasant and difficult situations. But if you are cold and you are nevertheless using a fan, it means that you will make ridiculous and reckless actions, and perhaps you will pay for it..

If you see that you are giving a fan it means that you will have setbacks in your business and in love.