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Fraud – Cheat

In the dream, fraud has completely opposite meaning from that which is in practice. If you see that you are cheating your love it  means that you are faithfully committed to him or her and and that you adore him or her. If you see that you are being cheated, luck is on your part. If you dream that have defrauded  a person, it means that you will cheat your employee in order to win him. If you see that you have been cheated it means that the attempt of your enemies to defame you will fail. If you see that you are  accusing someone of fraud it means that you will be offered a position with great benefits. If you dream that you have been cheated on the job, you will find cunning people who want you to have bad  luck. For a young person who dreamed that he or she fell victim to fraud in gambling it is a premonition of losing his or her love because of fights and misunderstandings.

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