In the following article, we present a possible interpretation of your dream. If there are other dreamy themes in the same dream, combine the interpretations you will find. For convenience, use the Search option.

Ghost – spirit

If you dream a ghost your property and your life are in danger. Young people should be perfectly okay in their relationship with the  other gender. It is likely that their reputation will be lost. Generally, to see a ghost in your dream predicts unexpected trouble. If the ghost was wearing white, it means that a friend’s health is in danger, or your business    will not be profitable. If the ghost was dressed in black, it’s a sign that someone in your environment you will betray you. To see that the ghost is speaking, it means that something evil is approaching you, which could only be avoided if you had followed your friend’s advice. If the ghost was knocking on your door or wall, predicts unexpected turbulence. Being behind the curtains, it’s a sign that we should watch and rein your emotions, because it is likely you will seem nosy. It would also create conflicts and disputes. If you hear music coming from a spirit, it’s a sign of change and unpleasant sadness in the family. If one of your parents comes to your dream like a ghost you are exposed to risks and should be aware of partnerships with strangers. If you see the ghost of a dead friend, is a foreboding that you will have a long journey with someone you don’t like and you will be disappointed. If you see a ghost floating in the sky promises that means misfortune and loss. A female ghost on your right and one male left, who look both pleasant it means that you  will have glory which will not last long. If you see a female ghost with a long dress flown in the air it means progress scientific studies and wealth almost miraculously, but it will be in your life a touch of melancholy. The ghost of a living relative or friend in the dream, it means that you are in danger from a known person and you should keep this person in distance. If you see a ghost of a dead friend or famous, you will taste great frustration and, if you see the ghost of an alive friend, you will be in danger. The ghost of your parents in your sleep  warns you that something threatens you.

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