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Grasshopper – Grasshoppers – Locusts

The locusts in your sleep mean that uncertain times will come. If you see that you catch grasshoppers, expect infidelities from your husband or wife. If you hear the beep without seeing them, you will hear of a death of someone you know. Locusts falling and eating plants mean disaster. If you eat a grasshopper, you will learn some news and you will be very upset. Overall, if you see a grasshopper, is not “good.” It means calamities and sorrows. If you dream that you see grasshoppers on green plants, this means that your enemies threaten your most vital interests. If you see them on any green, it means poor health and frustrations at work. If you see grasshoppers to obscure the sun, it means that an annoying problem will be inserted to your business, but with proper management things will be okay. For the woman who dreamed of locusts, it means that she gave her love and generosity to a person who doesn’t deserve it.

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