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Generally, the horse is a source of strength and energy. The White Horse portends good news if you are straddling it, you will have profit and glory. If the horse is galloping, you will soon build on the natural and spiritual forces. If you are subduing horses you will succeed your goals, thanks to the power of your character. Two horses harnessed mean that you will hear about a marriage. If you are riding a horse you will achieve something that it will benefit the group to which you belong, and if you are training your horses, you will be disappointed by a person you know. If you are falling from a horse, beware of your work. Horses grazing casually is a sign that you have loyal friends. The black horse symbolizes sadness. If you buy or sell a horse, be careful because some people are trying to deceive you. If you see a sea horse, you will have great success in whatever has to do with the sea. If you dream that you see or ride a white horse, the indications are favorable for prosperity and pleasurable encounters with good friends and fair women. If you see that the horse is dirty and weak you will betrayed by a jealous boyfriend or a woman. If the horse is black, that means that luck will favor you, but you will feel disappointed and guilty for some pleasures. For a woman, this dream means that her husband is unfaithful. To dream of dark horses, means that you might find profitable situations but also a great disappointment. Temporary pleasures may follow this dream. If you dream that you are riding a beautiful horse, it means that you are lucky and that you will enjoy your love. For a woman, this dream means that she will eventually succumb to constant requests. It is sure you will have fun with material pleasures. If you see that you are riding a spooky horse , your interests will be harmed by the folly of a friend or employee. If you see a horse running with others, you might hear about the illness of some friends. If you see a nice male horse is a sign of success and high living. It also means that you will affect up of illegal passions. If you see mares implies agreement and no jealousy between wives and lovers. If you are riding a horse and passing by a river, soon you will have good luck and  great entertainment. If the river is turbulent or turbid, joys will be somewhat disappointing. If you see that you are swimming in clean water,on a horseback your expectations for a strong love will come true. For an entrepreneur, this dream means a big profit. If you see a wounded horse, it means that your friends will have problems. If you see a dead horse, it means frustration from different angles. If you dream you are riding an untamed horse it means that your wishes will  come true with difficulty If you dream that you are falling from a horse because of it, you will have a tough opponent and your businesses would suffer from competition. If you dream that a horse is kicking you, it means that your partner will drive you out and your luck will change due to bad health. If you dream that you are catching and saddling a horse it means that there will be improvements in your business and that you will be approached by many people. If you fail to catch the horse, then will have bad luck. If you see spotted horses, this means that different companies will let you profit. If you dream that you are horse shoeing, your success is assured. For a woman, this dream means a good and faithful husband. If you dream racehorses it means that you live strongly For farmers, this dream means prosperity. If you  dream that you are riding a racehorse, you’ll have a beautiful and happy life. If you see that you are killing a horse, you are going to hurt your friends because of your ego. If you see that you are riding an unsaddled horse it means that you will gain wealth, after a great effort. If you see that you have with you some other men, it means that you will have honest people around you to help you and your success is guaranteed. If you seethatyou have  women with you your desires are rampant and the your efficiency poor. If you are driving a horse in the dream your business matters are not overlooked for temporary pleasures. If you find that you are taking care of the mane or tail of a horse, you will become a good economist and a farmer. For the literary it means that they care much about their work and their competitors care about their business with anxiety. If you dream many horses together it is a sign of great wealth and happiness. If you see horses to tow vehicles, it means that the wealth and love are very close, but there are some obstacles. If you are climbing a hill  while riding the horse and it falls but you get to the top, it means that you will make property, although they have to fight enemies with envy. If you and your horse are reaching the top, it means that your social and economic rise is high and stable. For a young girl who sees that she is riding a black horse it means that she should take into consideration an advice from someone wiser. Also, some of her wishes will be fulfilled at an unexpected time. The black horses mean postponing decisions. If you see a petite horse, it means that some sudden resentment will interfere with your happiness. If you see that you are trying to put a horse shoe smaller than the leg, you will be accused of making some deal with people above suspicion. If you see that you are going down a hill on a horse, there is no doubt that your business will disappoint you. For the young woman to dream that riding a horse having behind her a friend means that many successful men would desire her. If she sees that she was afraid, it means that there will be many rivalries. If, after leaving the horse,she moves to a hog,then she might ignore a rich husband and will prefer freedom. If a young woman see she is riding a white horse galloping and that she is followed by someone with a black horse it means she will spend a period of mixed feelings of sadness and joy, during which someone will try to undermine it.

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