In the following article, we present a possible interpretation of your dream. If there are other dreamy themes in the same dream, combine the interpretations you will find. For convenience, use the Search option.


If you see a statue in your sleep, you should expect misfortune in your work. But if the statue was alive, you should wait professional success. Public affairs will be good. Finally, if you see yourself to admire or touch a statue of a great man or God, you should expect success and you will have good news. If you are a man and see a woman sculpture in your dream,you will not have response from a person you love. If a girl is dreaming of a statue or makes a statue,by herself she should wait for marriage proposal. If you see many statues together, then you will  fail in your efforts because of you. If the statue is of a goddess, it means great but short success. If you make a sculpture as a single, you will be made a lot of interesting proposals of marriage, if you are married you will have some good news.

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