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We created this website in order to open up and we from our side, yet another window into the mysterious world of dreams.

What are dreams? It’s just creations of our imagination, are projections of the subconscious, warning us of future events can be interpreted in any way?

These and similar questions were addressed and continue to employ a man from ancient times until today. There were far philosophical, theological, social, scientific and other approaches, each one trying to give an answer to these questions and every one thinks of giving.

Ultimately, however, the basic question of whether dreams are prophetic remains unanswered.

Moving between religion and magic, philosophy and superstition, physical and technical divination, the oneiroermineftiki or oneirokritiki  (dream meaning and explanation) in Late Antiquity remains a clearly defined practice divination. Although the validity of the dispute, its dissemination is high, and tends to avoid the philosophical debates about the cause and origin of dreams, to keep their distance from competing methods of divination, and focus on practical and technical aspects of pre-knowledge the future through dreams.

The sources of the texts of our Dream is unknown since the text is scattered in various sites like documents online and in none reported.

We should note that Our dream book does not contain pages dealing with zodiac, astrologer, zodiac / astrological forecasts cartomancy, Tarot, etc.

It also does not claim that the interpretations we give to dreams is absolute or is that all of situations. It approaches and interpretations made by the empirical observation of human and lost in the mists of time.

The truth is that through Dream Interpretation Dictionary will try to help you, give a reasonable interpretation of your dreams and hope to do it.

We wish you good navigation and above all, sweet dreams!

The editorial team of Dream Interpretation Dictionary.

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