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Car – Cars

If you see in your dream cars it means quick succession change. If you see that you are in a car, it is a sign that the travel which you are planning will be made under different circumstances If you see that you haven’t caught a car it is foreboding that your efforts will be stopped. If you see that you are getting off a car, you might achieve some interesting projects something that will fill you with satisfaction and enthusiasm. If you see cars it is an indication that the fight for your wealth concentration is animated by the desire satisfaction selfishness and lustful principles which should be harnessed and controlled. If you see in your dream, a tram, it is a sign that a person is trying to cause you bad situations and concerns. If you dream that you are driving a car it is a premonition that the competition and jealousy will poison your happiness. If you see that you are standing on a car platform, while it is moving it means that you will attempt to build a business with big risk and if there is no accident, you will succeed. If the platform is too high, the risks will be more visible whereas if it is low, you will succeed in your purpose. If you see that you are driving a car very fast it means you’re uncomfortable under pleasant conditions and you will have a change in your affairs. Also if you dream a car there is a strong likelihood of improper conduct on your part. If you see that someone has crashed the pleasure you expect it will reach the expected level. If you see you have escaped a car accident it means that you should avoid an opponent. If you see a car or drive it you should know that you will know the temporary happiness.

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