In the following article, we present a possible interpretation of your dream. If there are other dreamy themes in the same dream, combine the interpretations you will find. For convenience, use the Search option.


If you dream that you are climbing a hill or mountain and you reach the top, you will overcome the most appalling obstacles between you and in a happy future, but if you t see that you didn’t manage to reach the top, the most popular designs will fail. If you see you are climbing a ladder to the very last step you will succeed in your business. But if the ladder is broken, you immerse yourself in unexpected sorrows, and you may have an accident. If you dream that you are climbing the side of a house mysteriously and suddenly a window opens in front of you to get in it promises that  you have dared or you will dare something despite your friends’ opposition but finally success will crown your efforts even if there will be times when you are almost overwhelmed by despair.

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