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If you see an eagle flying, it means that you have ambitions far greater than your powers, it means, however, success in business. If the eagle is flying over your house, expect fame and happiness in your home. If you see that you are catching an eagle, you should wait for big hits. But if you see an eagle in your sleep and it is speaking with a human voice, be prepared because some evil will find you. To see an eagle perched high up, it means that you will get fame, wealth and higher position in your country. If you find that you kill an eagle, it promises to overcome all your obstacles to defeat your enemies and gain fabulous wealth. If you dream that an eagle is eating meat it means that you have such a power–that will not stop you anything. Very soon you will get wealth. Finally, the eagle you see in your sleep flying, is a good sign. A friend or a woman will help you achieve your goal.

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  1. i had a dream this early morning that ii have vomit an young Eagle and a lot of small transparant balls like eggs.

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