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Engagements – betrothed

If a girl sees that she is engaged it means disappointment. In reality it will take a long time. There is the possibility of illness. The engaged who see that they get engaged again,they will be ill. If you see that you  break off an engagement it means hasty and unnecessary movement for a case and the result will be disappointing. If you see that there are engagements and you’re there and watching, this means that you will have some illness, either you or someone else will get sick. For single men who see that engage, it means that they will encounter many difficulties but finally they will achieve a happy marriage. If you are married and see that you are engaged, it means that your partner, is cheating you. If you are already engaged and see that you are engaged in your dream, that means sickness. If you see that some  engagements have broken off, this means that the sick will get well, and the healthy will get good news and will win many obstacles.

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