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Salt – saltmarsh

If you see salt in your dream, you should expect profits from your business as well,as a visit your from friendly people. If you’re a girl and see that you are holding in your hand white, snowy salt, expect great joy, happiness and success. But the spilled salt is a warning for brawl and grumbling at home. If it has rained and salt has been dissolved a third person will reconcile you with your opponent. If you are adding salt in your food or eating salt, you will have stomach problems and sorrows. Plenty of salt in saltmarsh is random. The mixed spice means quarrel with a friend. The dream of salt is not good. Usually, after such a dream, everything goes wrong and for a family means grievances and disputes. If you see that you are salting your food, it means debts and pledges. For a young woman, to see that she is eating salt means abandonment by her lover for a more attractive girl, which would cause great distress.

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