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Soil – Contaminants – Dirt – Human excrement

If you find dirt in your dish or in your clothes is a sign of happiness in marriage or love. But if you see that you are eating it be prepared because something bad will happen to you and, if you see that you throw it to another person many obstacles will arise in your work. If someone throwing to you, you will be humiliated Human excrement for some is money and for others disease. However, arguably the standard is that you will have unexpectedly riches. If you see in your sleep that your clothes are dirty, you will be forced to leave your home because of an epidemic. If you see someone throwing dirt, it means that your enemies will try to hurt you.

One comment on “Soil – Contaminants – Dirt – Human excrement

  1. pls help me i had a dream that i was in big toilet and at all the places everywhere there is human excrement… and somebody came and washed away all the dirty thing. i use to see this dream all the time.

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