In the following article, we present a possible interpretation of your dream. If there are other dreamy themes in the same dream, combine the interpretations you will find. For convenience, use the Search option.


If you dream of a spider, it is a sign of hard work and attention that will result in the creation of wealth. To see spider weaving  web, is portent of happiness and security to your home. If you see that you have killed a spider, it means family quarrels. To see that a spider bites you it means that you will become a victim of your enemies and your business will be ruined. If you see in your dream  spiders hanging in their web, it means favorable circumstances for good health and fortune. If you see that you are being surrounded by spiders, expect grief. The White Spider means a pleasant surprise. If the spider bites you, you will get sick or learn about an accident that happened to one of your relatives. A large spider, which you have feared of, it means an increase of wealth, but also a risk of losing it if you don’t notice. If the spider is from the tarantula species, it means that your enemies will defeat you. To kill a tarantula means success after mishaps. To dream a web is portent of success and good relations.

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