In the following article, we present a possible interpretation of your dream. If there are other dreamy themes in the same dream, combine the interpretations you will find. For convenience, use the Search option.


Many straws in your dream, promises great success and a lot of money.If straws are bales  then your studies will go well. If you are eating straw your hopes and your plans will sink. If it’s wet,it means poverty. If you see straw it means a fruitless undertaking and bad health, which will create great heartache. For women who dream of piles of straw, it means that they will lose a lot of time in useless occupations and posturing, which will be the cause to discredit and lose a future husband.Straw in the dream mean failures and empty, uninteresting lives. If you dream bales of straw to be burned, it is a sign of prosperity. If you are feedin straw  to the animals it is a premonition that your care for those who depend on you will be faultless.

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